Paola Opal

Author / Illustrator


The Saffy's Friends series brings together characters from Simply Small in stories of friendship and discovery ideal for the very young.

Saffy Looks for Rain (Saffy's Friends, book 1)

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Praise for the original print edition:

Saffy Looks for Rain has a "question-answer mode," a language pattern very familiar to young children. This technique serves well to keep a toddler's attention span from wandering and assigns them the responsibility for the "answer." The story directly involves the child, which also enhances the confidence of the child to become an independent reader.

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Saffy and Ollie (Saffy's Friends, book 2)

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Praise for the original print edition:

"These uncluttered illustrations, coupled with the book’s brief text, make Saffy and Ollie a near perfect read for youngsters who are first encountering the world of books."

- CM Magazine


"Saffy Looks for Rain” and “Saffy and Ollie” were originally published over a decade ago by Simply Read Books as part of the Simply Small board book series, and they were well received. In 2020, the Simply Small series was relaunched by the publisher in a new board book format, and the series was refined to one title per character. So, while the original “Saffy” and the original “Ollie” titles remain part of that series, along with many other titles, “Saffy Looks for Rain” and “Saffy and Ollie” are not. These two titles are now published by Paola Syme as their own eBook series called “Saffy’s Friends”.

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