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For those who want to give more meaningful gifts I design ethically minded* cute-as-can-be products for little ones with growing minds.

My Simply Small board book series features baby animals who solve problems young kids can relate to. With matching clothing and decor to go along with them you can select the perfect combination for each little one in your life.

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The images are perfect for newborns, with enough colour contrasting to capture their attention…. For those looking to be original, the set of these board books tied together with pretty ribbon would make a darling baby shower gift! Luckily they aren’t just pretty but fun, from birth for until preschool, a must have for the modern parent. 
Word of Mouse Book Reviews

A newly hatched sea turtle, a baby giraffe anxious for independence and a little elephant who wants more than anything to help his mother … each of the characters struggles with issues that young children can relate to.
Review, Canadian Children’s Book News

In both Bitsy and Rokko, young children can observe young animals engaged in activities where they are beginning to assert their independence….Since Opal never attaches a gender to the little critters, the books are equally accessible to both girls and boys. Both books certainly deserve a place in home and library collections. 
Review, CM Magazine

Paola Opal’s Awards and Highlights: recognized for excellence in book design by the Alcuin Society, awarded a Kirkus Star, and twice on the Canadian Toy Testing Council’s great books for kids list. 

* Crafts from my Etsy shop can be made with natural materials like paper, wool, and cotton. Items from my Redbubble shop are made according to their social responsibility practices. 10% of my earnings from my Redbubble and Etsy shops will go to the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BC SPCA).