Paola Opal

Author / Illustrator


Paola Opal, BGDMA

Besides being an Author / Illustrator under the pen name Paola Opal, I work as a Graphic Designer under my legal name, Paola Syme, and I've also worked in design education at Emily Carr University of Art + Design and at the Vancouver Film School. I live in Surrey BC, Canada.

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Credits and Accolades

(2021) Saffy's Friends series. Paola Syme. 2 eBooks (writing, illustration, design, publishing)

(2007-2021) Simply Small series. Simply Read Books. 14 board books and 2 apps (writing, illustration, design) 

Recognition: Kirkus Star, Canada Toy Testing Council’s Top 10 Great Books for Kids

Winters K.L. (2014) Stinky Skunk Mel. Simply Read Books. Picture book (illustration)

(2009) “What time is it, Bailey?” Owlkids, Chirp Magazine, April issue. Story/activity (writing, illustration)

(2005) One Little Bug. Simply Read Books. Picture book (writing, illustration, book design) 

Recognition: Alcuin Society Award for Excellence in Book Design (Children’s 3rd, as Paola van Turennout)

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