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Story Time with Paola Opal: Saffy and Ollie

Free for a limited time May 6-10, 2022.
In this video I read Saffy and Ollie from the Saffy’s Friends series—a simple story about learning to share. Saffy is a baby giraffe playing with her favourite rock. Ollie the baby elephant wants to play with the rock too. Will Saffy share?

“Content-wise, Saffy and Ollie is an ideal book for its intended audience….a near perfect read for youngsters who are first encountering the world of books.”
—CM Magazine

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Free for a limited time May 6-10, 2022.
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Story Time with Paola Opal: One Little Bug

FREE on Kindle from February 3-6, 2022

This nationally awarded and newly revised rhyming picture book is designed for those new to numbers and counting. Bugs climb on top of each other from one to ten, until the last bug—a tiny flea—topples the pile and they all go back home one by one, except for the first little bug, who waits for the next time you open this book!

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you can get it in paperback and ebook at:

FREE on Kindle from February 3-6, 2022

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I want to hear from you!

I’ve set up shops on Etsy and Redbubble with items based on my Simply Small book series and I’d like to know what else you might be interested in. Let me know your thoughts and ideas!

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    Hurry for a Holiday Gift

    BONUS! There’s one last chance to get your free copy of The Red Fox Knows on December 4, 2021.

    As my holiday gift to you, I’m offering The Red Fox Knows 
    FREE on Amazon Kindle from November 3 to 6, 2021.

    The Red Fox Knows is a picture book about a little red fox running through a winter night as it heads for a special place it knows. Young readers can follow the elusive fox’s tracks in the snow as it passes by other woodland creatures on its way to bed. 

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    8 Great Gift Ideas

    Adorable Gifts for Little Ones

    Kids books make ideal baby shower gifts or birthday presents for toddlers, and during the holiday season they make great grifts too!

    Here’s a detailed guide for how to pair my books with items such as baby gear, plushies, and other toys for super cute gifts all year round:

    Gift Idea #1

    Saffy, Ollie and Totty make excellent stocking stuffers for the holidays. Like all the board books in the Simply Small series, they feature cute baby animals who solve not-so-small problems little ones can relate to.

    Gift Idea #2

    Dotty and Rokko make adorable gifts for young children especially when paired with a woodland animal themed puzzle.

    Gift Idea #3

    Tecka and Pippy make cute toddler gifts with a marine theme. Tecka can pair with a reversible octopus plushie that expresses happy and sad faces just like the character in the story. Throw in some sand toys for extra fun during beach season!

    Gift Idea #4

    Saffy and Ollie make ideal gender neutral baby shower gifts. They can pair with a giraffe or elephant themed plushie, rattle or soother. Perfect for a baby nursery decorated with an African safari theme.

    Gift Idea #5

    Emma makes a super sweet baby shower or first birthday gift. This story about kindness was given a starred review by Kirkus Reviews. The board book pairs nicely with a hedgehog plushie.

    Gift Idea #6

    The Red Fox Knows pairs perfectly with a soft toy fox to snuggle with while you read this cozy bedtime story to a little one on a cold winter night. Also a great gift for baby showers or toddler birthdays, or to put under the tree for the holidays.

    Gift Idea #7

    Perry pairs well with a polar bear bath toy for your child to play with while you read this cute board book about a baby polar bear learning to swim. This books was listed on the Canadian Toy Testing Council’s great books for kids.

    Gift Idea #8

    Like all the books in the Simply Small Series, Dotty and Rokko feature baby animals who solve not-so-small problems little ones can relate to. Pair these board books with woodland animal finger puppets for extra fun during story time.

    For even more gift presentation ideas visit my Paola Opal shop on Etsy. There, you can download matching cards and wrapping paper with the characters from my books.

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    Story time: The Red Fox Knows

    In this video l read “The Red Fox Knows” – a picture book about a little red fox that runs through a winter night heading for a special place it knows.

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    What’s Spookie About?

    Spookie makes a sweet bedtime story for little ones on a spooky night, especially during the Halloween season!

    Watch this video for a peak inside Spookie and see what this cute little board book is all about.
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    Now on Etsy

    Books make great gifts for baby showers or birthdays and now you can get matching gift cards and wrapping paper featuring characters from the Simply Small series. Designs include Dotty, Emma, Saffy, Ollie and all of the adorable Simply Small characters. Visit the PaolaOpal shop on Etsy shop to download these printables today!

    This video shows you how to use my new line of printable gift cards and wrapping paper featuring characters from my Simply Small series.
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    Summer Special

    To celebrate Summer, Saffy Looks for Rain will be FREE on Amazon Kindle for a limited time only from August 2 to 5, 2021.

    Get it at:

    Did You Know? The free Kindle app lets you download Kindle E-books on your mobile device or computer—you don’t need a Kindle E-reader. The picture books I design are meant for colour screens, so viewing them on a tablet (such as the Amazon Fire), a mobile device, or a computer is actually best. 

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    Story time with Paola Opal: Saffy Looks for Rain

    In this video I read the ebook version of Saffy Looks for Rain and explain why it’s ideal for young emergent readers.