Simply Small

Bold and bright, the Simply Small series is designed for little ones with growing minds. Meet all these cute baby animals that find clever ways to solve their not-so-small problems.

A cartoon image of a baby giraffe.


Saffy wants to pick a leaf all by herself, but she is too little to reach one. Will she find a way?

A cartoon image of a baby elephant


Ollie wants to help Mommy make a path through the forest, but he’s not strong enough. Can he find a way to help?

A cartoon of a baby turtle.


Totty is the last to hatch and head down to the sea. Can he find a way to catch up to his brothers and sisters?

A cartoon of a baby polar bear.


Perry is afraid of the water. How will he learn to swim?

A cartoon of a baby beaver.


Mommy and Daddy are building a dam. Can Bitsy find a way to help?

A cartoon of a baby raccoon.


Rokko wants to find his own place to sleep. Will he find the perfect one?

A cartoon of a baby deer.


Dotty wants to cross over the stream without getting wet. Will she find a way?

A cartoon of a baby seahorse.


Pippy is shy and likes to hide. Will she find a way to play with others?

A cartoon of a baby hedgehog


Emma and her sisters are tired on their walk home. Will Emma find a way to cheer them up?

A cartoon of a baby bat


Kaboom! It’s a dark and stormy night. Will Spookie find a way to make it through?


Tecka is a small baby octopus in a very big sea. Where will Tecka find a good place to swim? Watch the Video: What’s Tecka About?

A cartoon of Cheera the baby cheetah


It’s nap time, but Cheera has a hard time settling down. How will Cheera get some rest?

A cartoon of Kawwa the baby crow


Kawwa wants to crack a nut all by herself—just like her brother. Will she learn this new trick?

Praise for Simply Small

A newly hatched sea turtle, a baby giraffe anxious for independence and a little elephant who wants more than anything to help his mother … each of the characters struggles with issues that young children can relate to.
Review, Canadian Children’s Book News

Opal uses vibrant onomatopoeic language which makes reading aloud to children fun.
ABC Best Books for Children

The images are perfect for newborns, with enough colour contrasting to capture their attention…. For those looking to be original, the set of these board books tied together with pretty ribbon would make a darling baby shower gift! Luckily they aren’t just pretty but fun, from birth for until preschool, a must have for the modern parent. 
Word of Mouse Book Reviews

Emma, a little hedgehog with a heart of gold .…  This sweet and simple offering is ideal for sharing one-on-one or for featuring with a small audience in a program celebrating family or, even better, small acts of kindness and love.
Kirkus Reviews—Starred Review

Recommended…Tecka is super cute; the tiny purple octopus exhibits a range of emotions with its eyes and is just plain adorable.
Review, CM Magazine

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