One Little Bug

This nationally awarded and newly revised rhyming picture book is designed for little ones new to counting. Bugs climb on top of each other from one to ten, until the last bug—a tiny flea—topples the pile and they all go back home one by one, except for the first little bug, who waits for the next time you open this book! 

E-book and Paperback
Ages 0-4
36 pages

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Praise for One Little Bug

Bugs climb on top of each other to make one very large pyramid only to have it wrecked by one tiny flea! This happy little counting book has vivid illustrations and silly rhymes that will bring smiles to little readers everywhere. It’s perfect for children who are learning to count numbers and for those are learning to add sums together too!
Green Tree Public Library

A plain sky-blue double spread contains a bottom strip of delicious lime green and one blobby minimalist bug….The next double-page spread adds one more blobby bug, and we’re happily in the world of a counting book…More than this, the bugs stand on top of each other pyramid-style, and when the configuration changes, so does the balance, providing a basic lesson in physics similar to the one children get when playing with blocks. Counting, balancing, and bugs are all great elements for a book for very young children.
Quill and Quire

Awarded for Excellence in Book Design
(Children’s 3rd)
Alcuin Society