Saffy and Ollie

Saffy loves playing with her rock. “Can I play?” asks Ollie. Saffy says no, but when her rock gets stuck Ollie helps move it. Saffy learns that having someone else around to play with has advantages—and it’s more fun! 

Originally part of the Simply Small board book series, this book is now part of the Saffy’s Friends ebook series.

Ages 0-4
24 pages

Also available on Apple Books

Praise for Saffy and Ollie

Saffy and Ollie is an ideal book for its intended audience. Sharing their toys is something that many youngsters have difficulty in doing….These uncluttered illustrations, coupled with the book’s brief text, make  Saffy and Ollie a near perfect read for youngsters who are first encountering the world of books.
CM Magazine

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