Saffy Looks for Rain

It’s a hot day. “Wait for the cool rain,” says Mommy. But Saffy doesn’t want to wait, so she searches for a rain cloud. After looking everywhere she finds a little elephant instead. When he sprinkles her with water she realizes she’s found something even better than rain—a new friend! 

Originally part of the Simply Small board book series, this book is now part of the Saffy’s Friends ebook series.

Ages 0-4
24 pages

Also available on Apple Books

Praise for Saffy Looks for Rain

Saffy Looks for Rain has a “question-answer mode,” a language pattern very familiar to young children. This technique serves well to keep a toddler’s attention span from wandering and assigns them the responsibility for the “answer.” The story directly involves the child, which also enhances the confidence of the child to become an independent reader.
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Saffy Looks for Rain is a story to which many children can relate. Most preschoolers can identify with an impatient Saffy and to not wanting to wait for something to happen….Saffy Looks for Rain is strong sequel to Saffy and is an asset to a library or home library for infants to preschool-age children.
CM Magazine 

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